Victron accu AGM Super cycle 12V/38Ah (M5)


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We recommend the Victron Super cycle battery for applications where a discharge of 100% or repeated discharge of 60-80% can be expected.  
An advantage of the new chemistry is the smaller size and reduced weight compared to standard deep cycle AGM batteries. The internal resistance is also slightly lower compared to the standard deep cycle AGM batteries.
Research has shown that the Super Cycle battery can handle at least three hundred full discharge cycles.  
The studies consisted of a daily discharge of up to 10.8 V, with I = 0.2C ‚‚ €, followed by approximately two hours of rest in a discharged state, and then recharging with I = 0.2C ‚‚ €. The two hours of resting in a discharged state will damage most batteries within 100 cycles, but this is not the case with the Super Cycle battery.