Victron acculader IP65 6V/12V-1,1A met DC stekker


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Victron IP65 battery charger with DC plug suitable for 6V and 12V batteries. The charger automatically adapts the charging algorithm to 6V or 12V batteries, and has a maximum charge current of 1.1A for a battery capacity range of 1.2 Ah to 30 Ah.
Depending on the application, the supplied clamps, connecting eyes or a plug for a cigarette lighter can be connected to the charger with a DC plug.
Eight LEDs for status and mode indication
The charger always starts in STANDBY mode when connected to an AC power supply. When AC power is connected, the STANDBY LED lights up. There is then no voltage at the output. After connecting to a battery (the battery voltage must exceed 2V with a 6V battery and 7V with a 12V battery), charging is started by pressing the MODE button. The charge status of the battery is indicated by 4 LEDs.
The charger is protected against overheating and connection with reverse polarity. The output current decreases when the temperature rises to 40 ºC, but the charger will not stop. The output relay protects against reverse polarity.