Victron AGM Accu 12V/165Ah


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The AGM models are made to provide long-term power for, for example, a household system on board a ship, camper, tiny house, holiday home, etc. The AGM battery is maintenance-free, gas-tight and leak-free. Due to the construction of the AGM battery, it can deliver a higher current than a GEL battery. Victron AGM batteries are charged and immediately ready for use and made of A-quality materials.
AGM stands for Absorbed Glass Mat. In these batteries, the electrolyte is absorbed in a glass fiber mat that is clamped between the plates. In an AGM battery, the charge carriers, hydrogen ions and sluate ions, move more easily between the plates than in a GEL battery.
This makes an AGM battery more suitable for short-term delivery of very high current than a GEL battery and therefore suitable for bow thrusters, starter motors, heavy inverters, etc. With closed batteries, the oxygen gas that is formed on the positive plates moves to the negative plates where it, after a complicated chemical reaction, with hydrogen recombines to water.