Victron Blue Smart IP67 Acculader 24/12 (1)


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The Blue Smart IP67 charger is the wireless solution to monitor voltage and current, change settings and update the charger when new features become available. With Bluetooth, the functionality of the charger is increased.
Completely encapsulated
The charger housing is made of die-cast aluminum and the electronics are cast in resin. This means that water, oil and dirt cannot damage the charger. In addition, the charger is waterproof, shockproof and protected against ignition.
High efficiency and 5-stage charging algorithm
These chargers have an efficiency of 92% or more, these chargers waste three to four times less than other chargers. In addition, when the battery is fully charged, the power consumption drops to less than 1 watt.
The charger has a 5-step charging algorithm. This optimizes the charging process depending on how the battery is used.
Storage mode
The storage mode is activated if the battery is not discharged during 24 hours. In such a case, the driving voltage is reduced to 2.2V / cell. This is to minimize gassing and corrosion of the positive plates. Once a week, the voltage is increased to absorption level to recharge the battery.