Victron Centaur lader 12/100 (3) 90-265V AC


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A battery charger is intended to charge one or more batteries. With intelligent battery chargers, charging stops automatically when the battery is full, most Victron battery chargers are intelligent battery chargers. Victron battery chargers have many options and many of these battery chargers can charge multiple batteries at the same time.
Centaur battery chargers
The Centaur series has 3 isolated outputs and all 3 can deliver the maximum current. This allows 3 batteries to be charged simultaneously. The Centaur battery charger is the only Victron battery charger with a wide input voltage. The input voltage is 90 to 265 VAC and therefore the charger can be used anywhere in the world, even if there is a bad mains voltage.
The chargers are protected against a high ambient temperature with temperature sensors. In addition, the mounting material is made of stainless steel and the electronics are protected with acrylic lacquer, which ensures that the resistance against moisture, salt, soot and chemicals is increased.
The Centaur battery chargers have a three-stage charging characteristic with temperature compensation. The absorption period starts after the charging current has decreased to 70% of the rated current. After 4 hours of absorption charging, the charger switches to maintenance charging. The charging voltage is compensated with an internal temperature sensor and can be set with DIP switches for open lead batteries, gel batteries or AGM batteries.
Input voltage (AC)
Number of outputs
IP standard
IP21 drip proof
130 mm
255 mm
505 mm
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