Victron Gel accu 12V/165Ah


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? VRLA technology
? Low self-discharge
? Discharge recovery
The GEL batteries meet European and American specifications in fire resistant ABS enclosures and come with a 2-year warranty from Victron. The batteries are suitable for supplying low current for a longer period of time and has a longer lifespan, both in float and cycling use.
VRLA technology
VRLA stands for Valve Regulated Lead Acid and means that the batteries are sealed. Gas will only escape through a safety valve if the battery is incorrectly charged or if there are broken cells. This makes the battery maintenance-free throughout its life.
Low self-discharge
The use of lead-calcium grids and pure materials allow the batteries to be charged for long periods of time. The self-discharge is less than 2% per month at a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius and it doubles with every 20 degrees Celsius more. This allows the batteries to be stored for up to one year without having to be recharged.
Discharge recovery
The batteries recover well, even after deep and prolonged discharges. Despite this, deep and prolonged discharge has a negative effect on the life of the battery.
Type of battery
Semi traction GEL
Fashion model
Battery terminal
Flat M8
System voltage (DC)
485 mm
172 mm
240 mm
48.00 kg