Victron Phoenix Smart omvormer 12/1600 230V


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Why an inverter?
An inverter is used to convert DC voltage to AC voltage, or AC voltage to AC voltage with a different frequency. An inverter is indispensable in a solar panel setup, because thanks to the inverter, the DC voltage supplied by the solar panels is converted to AC voltage, which is used in homes and is required for most electrical appliances.  
Victron inverters
This full bridge plus toroidal inverter topology has proven its reliability for many years. The inverter is short-circuit proof and protected against overheating, whatever the cause.
In addition, the inverter has a high start-up power, which is required to start loads. It also has an eco mode. In eco mode, the inverter switches to standby when the load falls below a preset value. As soon as it is in standby, the inverter is switched on for a short time, if the value then exceeds the preset value, the inverter remains switched on.
There is also the option of connecting a remote on / off switch to a two-pole plug or between the positive pole of the battery and the left contact of the two-pole plug. This makes it possible to switch the inverter on and off remotely.
The capacity of this inverter is 500VA and the inverter has a built-in power outlet.
This new model from Victron provides household appliances on 230V AC with the correct supply voltage from DC batteries.  
Output voltage : 230 V (± 3%) – 50 Hz (± 0.1%)
Voltage waveform: pure sine wave
Nominal battery voltage: 12 V
Recommended battery capacity: ‰ ¥ 60 Ah
Continuous power at 25 ° C: 1600 W
Continuous power at 40 ° C : 1200 W
Peak power: 2400 W
AC connection: screw contacts
Efficiency: 87%
Display / readout: LED display
Low battery voltage, switches off at: 9.3 V, ± 0.5 V
High battery voltage, switches on at: 14 V, ± 0 , 5 V (adjustable)