Victron scheidingstrafo 2000W 115/230V


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What is an isolation transformer used for?
An isolation transformer is used in 4 different applications. The first is in repair shops and electrical laboratories if the device itself is not equipped with a power transformer. The second and third applications are the prevention of unwanted flows on the primary side and shipping. Finally, it is used on a small scale indoors in a shaving socket.
Isolation transformer on boats
If a boat is connected to shore power, electrolytic corrosion will occur, unless measures are taken to prevent this. Electrolytic corrosion is the phenomenon caused by the natural potential difference between different metals.
Zinc anodes are mounted to prevent damage to propeller, propeller shaft, valves and other metal parts of a boat. In this case, the zinc is attacked instead of the other metal parts.
A shore power connection without earth and earth leakage switch is life-threatening. In case of a direct connection of the ship to shore power, all metal parts must be connected to the earth wire of the shore connection. The earth leakage circuit breaker interrupts the power supply if there is a leakage current or short circuit to the metal parts.
If there is no earth ground and earth leakage circuit breaker, electrolytic corrosion would strongly increase in such a case. The best way to prevent this is to install an isolation transformer.
The isolation transformer transfers energy to the on-board network without direct electrical contact. In the event of an electrical fault, a residual current device or a fuse will operate.
This isolation transformer delivers a maximum power of 2000W. That is a maximum of 17A at 115V and 8.5 A at 230V.
Soft start
Soft start is a standard feature of the Victron Energy isolation transformer. This ensures that the power is switched on gradually so that the shore fuse is not overloaded.