Victron SmartSolar MPPT 75/10


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✓ Built-in Bluethooth Smart
✓ Ultra-fast MPPT
✓ BatteryLife
✓ And more!
The Victron SmartSolar solar charger collects energy from your solar panels and stores it in batteries. With the latest and fastest technology, the solar charger maximizes the energy harvest through intelligent control so that the batteries are charged in the shortest possible time.
The SmartSolar is a solar charger for 12V, 24V and 48V systems.
Built-in Bluetooth Smart
Bluetooth Smart is the wireless solution to set up, monitor and update the controller via smartphones, tablets or other devices. Bluetooth Smart is built-in, so no dongle is required.
Ultra-fast MPPT
An ultra-fast MPPT improves especially when it is cloudy and the light intensity constantly changes the energy yield of the panels. This improves energy yield by up to 30% compared to PWM charge controllers and 10% compared to slower MPPT controllers.
VE.Direct is used for a wired data connection to a Color Control panel, Venus GX, PC or other devices.
Advanced Maximum Power Point Detection
In the case of alternating shade, the power-voltage curve may contain two or more maximum power points. Conventional MPPTs usually use local MPP, which may not be the optimal MPP. The BlueSolar algorithm maximizes energy yield by using the optimal MPP.
If a solar charge controller cannot fully recharge the battery in 1 day, the result is often that the battery fluctuates between partially charged and fully discharged. This will cause irreparable damage to a lead-acid battery within weeks or months. The BatteryLife algorithm monitors the battery’s state of charge and, if necessary, slightly increases the load disconnect level until the solar energy is sufficient to charge the battery to full 100%. This will fully charge the battery about once a week.
Programmable battery charging algorithm
The charge controller starts a new charge cycle every morning when the sun rises. The battery charging algorithm is programmable with a set of default settings or user-defined settings.
Fashion model
Solararger type
Output voltage (DC)
12 / 24VDC
IP standard
IP21 drip proof
100 mm
113 mm
40 mm
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